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    Definitely recommend

    Posted by Justin Sanchez on 25th Sep 2023

    Bought these for a loved one who doesn't really enjoy drinking water but has kidney issues and needs to stay hydrated. The flavor is really good, the packs work as advertised, and since she has been taking the hydration packs daily she has had no kidney pain. Thanks for a great product and keep up the good work!

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    Back Country Life Saver

    Posted by Erik Hildebrandt on 5th Sep 2023

    I was in the back country of New Mexico with 10 other people for 2 weeks. It was summer time, around 95 degrees as we were moving up the alpine desert we were in. One of the adults in our crew decided it would be a good idea to skip breakfast, and only drink 1L of water that morning. Roughly 4 hours into our hike he was weak and hardly able to keep up. His skin color was off and he stopped sweating. Big surprise. We sat him down in the shade and I reached into my med kit for electrolytes. Pulled out 2 packs of Jocko Hydrate and and mixed it into a liter of water. Over the course of 30mins sipping fluids, his color started getting better and his speech was returning to normal. After he finished the liter he began to sweat again and we gave him more fluids and some food. All this to say, Jocko Hydrate is pretty amazing stuff. What was looking like we were going to need medivac off a mountain, became being able to walk out. This stuff is amazing and I've ordered more to add to my med kit.

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    Tastes good

    Posted by Skieler on 31st Aug 2023

    Great tasting and 2g of natural sugar. I use half in a 16oz bottle of water

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