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    JOCKO GO Capsules

    Posted by Casey K on 12th Jun 2023

    I have been taking the Jocko GO capusles for over a month now with somewhat consistent results. I work out in the morning around 7am everyday and take 3 pills at 630am where the effects set in right as I am starting my workout. I can feel the difference in the workout I have and the after effects of the supplement kicking in. When not working out I can feel the energy boost I get and overall ability to focus on my work at hand that day. So far the only downside to taking this is 1) on an full stomach as it does not seem to have the same effect 2) later in the day there is not a crash but if I start to feel a bit tired I will take 1 pill around 1-2pm but it varies in the effect it has. Typically it does not give me the kicker dose I am looking for. However I am still in the beginner phase of trying this so tinkering with timing is still a factor

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    Life Changer

    Posted by Lisa Mcfarland on 20th May 2023

    I decided to try GO because I enjoy Jocko Molk so much. I’ve tried many many thermogenics/energy pills in my life and figured I’d give this one a try also due to the ingredients and that it is made by an FDA lab. (I worked for a well know vitamin chain in the 90’s-00’s that my family owned.) After a few weeks of taking GO I noticed more energy, clearer thinking and an overall greater quality of life day. Unfortunately I have 2 autoimmune diseases and can feel super sluggish both body and mind on some days. This really helps with that. I’m on bottle 4 now I believe and it’s now a staple in my supplements daily. Thanks Jocko!

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    Jocko Go

    Posted by Heather on 16th Apr 2023

    My favorite thing about the Jocko Go capsules is the level energy. I dont get a spike and crash, I dont get twitchy or shaky. I just feel good and I am able to GO! The recommended dose is 3 and I only take one a day!!

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