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    GOOD Night taken with D3 sets you up for a successful start the next morning!

    Posted by J.R. on 3rd Sep 2023

    Trooper since 2015. Proud to be part of Team JOCKO !

  • 4
    Jo Jo Sleep aid

    Posted by Tony Parker on 1st Sep 2023

    I like it, it took a few days”3” to start working for me but now that it’s in my system, it definitely helps me stay asleep but I wish it would shut my mind “dreaming “ off lol

  • 3
    Product works, but not as well as anticipated

    Posted by Reese Wickes on 1st Sep 2023

    I've been taking this for about 5 days now, and my main observation is that my time to fall asleep (which is my primary sleep issue) hasn't improved much. I can often feel the supplement "working" (I feel sort of drowsy, and my body feels heavy, not wanting to move), but I still find myself taking anywhere from another half hour to 45 minutes to fall asleep (starting at 30 minutes after taking the supplement). I have also experienced random wake-ups in the middle of the night while taking this supplement. I tried taking a 4 pill dosage last night to see if a higher dosage would help, and the only difference I felt was a very mild sense of dizziness while trying to fall asleep. Even with those issues though, it is still doing its job of helping me get a higher quality of sleep, and I feel like my body is recovering better from my workouts as well while taking this. All in all, the supplement is effective, but to be brutally honest I was expecting a bit more out of it. I'll keep using the rest of the jar, and hopefully my body gets a little more used to it and can get more out of it. Once I get to the end of the bottle, I will re-evaluate the average performance over the time taking it and determine if it's worth getting another bottle. I ultimately appreciate the creation of the supplement and its effort to promote good sleep. I hope that in the future this supplement will improve and I'll be able to keep this in my Jocko Fuel routine with the other excellent products in your lineup I've been enjoying and that have been improving my quality of life.

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